20+ Years History

UNICUT | A. Georgoulakos & co company was established to offer pioneer and best quality services to cutting tools and abrasives that are used by furniture and metal industries located in Greece and other neighbour Balkan countries. Within a very short period of time, UNICUT reached a leading position in the Greek market and gained its’ customers trust.

With the same success, our company moved on very quickly to the import of innovative tools like Mirka’s Abranet which includes the development of classical abrasives as well as the distribution of very important brand names like JETTOOLS (woodworking machinery), PROMAC (Metalworking machinery), BSP(Woodworking cutting tools), DAKIN-FLATHERS (Band saw blades) , EKAMANT (Swedish abrasives), GAV (Air tools), etc., in an attempt to introduce new trends in the processing of wood and metal.

In addition to the commercial sector, UNICUT offers a modern sharpening service store that meets the demands and covers the needs of the most demanding customer, providing an excellent after sales service accompanied with a guaranteed operation of his tools.

In our website, you will have a complete view of the provisions and activities mentioned above and, additionally, you will find the appropriate products available to your requests. Also useful solutions are on offer. For further details, or any other query, please do not hesitate to contact us. UNICUT is always at your disposal!

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