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UJK Bandsaw Buddy blade aligning rule


UJK Bandsaw Buddy blade aligning rule

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axminster Greece


Bandsaw Buddy is a unique bandsaw blade aligning tool. Bandsaw Buddy allows you to check the alignment of the bandsaw blade to the face of the fence. Most other checks only require the use of a combination or engineer’s square. Truing the fence to the blade is tricky. Bandsaw Buddy has two rare earth magnets which hold it firmly on the blade. At 250mm long it is easy to spot any discrepancy and then make necessary adjustments. The magnets will keep it safely stored on the bandsaw’s frame when not in use. A scale on the tip helps set the bandsaw fence for cutting veneers or thin boards. Holes along the Buddy’s length at 12.5mm intervals allow you to draw arcs or circles in 25mm steps from 75mm to 400mm, a useful feature for marking curves or when cutting bowl blanks. Accurately machined from anodised aluminium, it also makes a handy straight edge.


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