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Wood Lathers BERNARDO VDM 500

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The VDM 500 woodturning lathe features a solid grey cast construction to eliminate vibrations and ensure for top accuracy. The generous range of standard accessories (LED- display, stepless speed adjustment etc.) makes this model ideal for semi-professionals.


* The price includes TAX
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Distance between centers

520 mm

Working diameter


- over guideway

360 mm

- over support

260 mm

Spindle speeds

250 - 3550 rpm

Spindle thread

M33 x 3,5 mm

Taper of tailstock sleeve

MT 2

Travel of tailstock sleeve

70 mm

Motor power output S1 100%

0,75 kW (1 HP)

Motor power input S6 40%

1,1 kW (1,5 HP)


230 V

Machine dimension (W x D x H)

1100 x 450 x 500 mm 

Weight approx.

50 kg

Quick clamping lever allows for fast clamping of tailstock to machine bed
Machine bed, tailstock and headstock made from rigid grey cast iron to eliminate vibrations
24 rests assist when locking the workpiece
Complete with steel support, easy to adjust to various workpiece diameters
Large speed range (3 steps) from 250 - 3550 rpm
Tailstock spindle features hole to allow processing of long workpieces
Robust spindle, mounted with precision to ensure concentricity
Comes complete with right and left turning device

Tool rest 200 mm
Face plate 100 mm
Live center MT 2
Stepless speed adjustment
LED speed indication
2x spore drive center 25 mm

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